Buying Online

Buying Online

Go Power Sports is your Go-kart headquarters. We have been serving the Go-kart community since 1975 as a retailer and service center. Go-karts are our main business and TrailMaster is the Go-kart of choice due to their years of experience and reliability. We work with many TrailMaster dealers around the country that support this product. Through this website we will find the nearest dealer to you that will assemble, educate you and support your machine. We here at Go Power Sports strongly suggest you purchase you go-kart or mini-bike from one of our many Authorized Trail Master Dealers located throughout the great United States. In addition to their extensive product knowledge, they will provide expert assembly, initial service and basic safety and operational instructions. That being said, we also understand there may be reasons why you can’t or would rather not purchase from a Dealer; proximity being the probable biggest reason. Use the Locate Dealer button to find a Trail Master Dealer near you or shop for your go-kart or mini-bike here. Either way, we know you will be delighted with your purchase.

What you will receive and what you should expect when you purchase online:
  • It shows up in a metal crate weighing (small kart 225lbs to 150cc kart 600lbs). Does not roll. When the truck shows up it is your responsibility to get it from the truck to your garage or wherever it is to be assembled.
  • Once you get your Go-kart to the garage you need to be able to lift it to install wheels and struts. Most shops use a fork lift.
  • Be sure you have a full set of metric tools, an impact is desired.
  • Go-karts are test run in China, it is not unusual for the carburetor to be in need of a good cleaning to remove old gas. It is also not uncommon for the valves needing to be adjusted.
  • Typical assembly time is 3 to 6 hours.

Parts needing to be installed:
  • Tires and wheels
  • Front struts
  • Front and rear shocks
  • Steering wheel
  • Fenders and fender brackets
  • Top protective cage
  • Adjust chain tightness
  • 150/300cc - rear rack
  • Service and charge battery
  • Check all hardware installed by factory for tightness

Watch assembly video of a TrailMaster 150 XRX for an example of what needs to be assembled.


Yes most karts come with a limited warranty against manufacture defects. These are defects from the manufacturer not due to accidents, abuse or lack of maintenance. Go-karts come with a parts only warranty( there is no labor warranty).

Most internet dealers will assist you in filing a claim with the importer or manufacturer. It comes down to you working it out with the importer who if they take your call will probably require you to return the part (at your expense) for them to determine if it is warranty or not.

GoKarts2Go recommends that you purchase from a local dealer. After reading our what you should expect page if you wish to purchase a go-kart on line this is what we offer.

Orders are filled on a timely basis, most ship out within 24hrs during normal business days.

We stock all parts to support these go-karts. If something is missing or damaged it is shipped from our location by us normally within 24 hrs.

Warranty parts are handled by us, we do not send you to deal directly with the manufacturer. These parts also normally ship within 24 hours. Only unusual circumstances will we require a part to be returned pictures are the norm.

Our experienced technicians are available to help trouble shoot any issues you may have. If you purchased from another internet seller this is a $79 charge per hour. Free to our customers.

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